The latest news from
GETS in Gambia



Week ending 15th November

We still continue to make a breakfast for the Nursery children very day. The children are lined up at 1030 each day to collect a sandwich and a drink.
Others in school all pay a small amount for a sandwich or they buy from some of the ladies from the village who bring food in to sell.

 On Monday morning our new school cluster monitor (Ousman Saihou) came to see Mr Cham. Ousman is responsible for the 22 schools in this area, assigned for him to monitor by the Regional Education Department. We don’t often see the cluster monitor so things must be going well!



  We currently have 2 vacancies at The Sunrise Centre to be filled; one for a cleaner and the other a Caretaker position. We hope that word of mouth will help to find 2 local people to help us.

One of the new, real characters that keeps popping into the office at Sunrise is the son of Fatou Sanneh (Nursery 3 teacher). His name is Musa Stephen Sanno. Today looking much older than his 3 years!

Week ending 8th November

Lots of practical work happening this week in our Skills Training School. Skills Year 1 were in our Bantaba learning to make Beef Pizza.

 Skills 2 were making Beef Stir-fry with pineapple and rice.



Skills 3 were doing Tie and Dye practicals




We’ve been working for sometime now to get our Classroom Assistant, Fatou Nyassi, to be accredited by NAQAA as a fully qualified teacher to replace our previous sewing teacher, who has recently left Sunrise. It was lovely to see Fatou (left) having fun with one of her friends, Nyima Sanyang, a student in Year 2. Fatou is an ex-student of our skills centre who has helped us for many years now.



Another of our ex-Students (Fatoumatta Sambou) called in to see us, this week. Fatoumatta graduated in July and is now working at a restaurant on the way to the airport, called Mymoona’s Garden. Another success story for GETS and the Sunrise Centre.




Week ending 1st November

Tony captured a great picture of our Education Director, Mr Cham, working hard at his desk. Great to see how tidy is was today! As people dump things for his attention most days this can be quite a challenge.


 School break time always creates wonderful picture opportunities. This time four youngsters were sitting eating break time snacks in the hall. This picture should really be part of a competition of “what happens next”!


Great to see one of our Nursery teachers come back to school with her ECD certificate showing that she has been successful in passing her teacher training course and is now a qualified Nursery Teacher. It’s been a challenge for Mbacho to move from Sunrise Skills Training Centre to qualified teacher and she thoroughly deserves this success.


Mr Darboe has been teaching students about using papier mache to create shapes in his handicraft lesson. This gives students a good feel of working with different materials (some for the first time) and many are very creative.


Another success story belongs to Jainaba Badjie who has graduated from G12 at Brikama Methodist School. She came to show us her certificate so that we might pass on the good news to her sponsors. Tessa and Ray Harding. Well done Jainaba!
She would like to move to do a nursing qualification next.



Back at Sunrise, the Skills Training students have been tasked with clearing the compound. This continues to be quite a challenge for us.





Week ending 25th October

One of our challenges at Sunrise is to keep the environment tidy. When we finish a break-time one of the teachers usually takes responsibility to make sure groups of children clear waste paper from the play areas. This time it was the Nursery school children who were clearing up. Here is Oumou Bah from Nursery 1 doing a great job helping us.

 The Skills Training year 3s have been cooking in practical sessions, this time they made vegetable Shawarama (a “wrap” often served as a lunch time snack).


Students really enjoy the practical work in the Bantaba. The picture shows them with a fried rice dish during the serving process.


 Later in the week the Skills 1 students made a number of dishes including Fufu (dumplings made from yams with a sauce of Superkanja -see ) and a fish dish with a spicy sauce including okra.




Week ending 18th October

Our children and students always enjoy dressing up, which happens once a term during Mufti Days. We have prizes and an award ceremony to recognise those who look particularly good.

One such pupil was someone with a very memorable name; from N3 called Marie Antoinette Da Sylva. She is pictured with teacher Kaddy Jawara.

Another pupil captured on camera in the corridor was from N2, Wurry Mbye, looking very bright and pretty in her costume.


During Friday breaktime the hall was full of everyone as usual for this event before breaking up to go into classes.



Class N1 on Mufti Day




Class N2 on Mufti Day.







Week ending 11th October

We were pleased to have two of our staff come back to school this term with new skills and certificates to prove it.  Sulayman Jobe and Yassin Jammeh both passed their Primary Teachers Certificate exams in Brikama Teacher Training College. Well done to both of them.


We now have 2 classes full of students and pupils for which Sunrise is a whole new experience. The youngest in Nursery 1 posed under our big tree with all of the teachers and assistants from Nursery. They all look a little unsure at this time!



The new Skills Training students in SK1 also stood, with their Teachers and Assistants, for a class portrait too.

 It's always fun to see new characters grow up from being shy, very small people into confident young adults. One of those who looks to be starting this journey quite early is Musa Sanno (N1 - aged 3!)




Week ending 4th October

Our sewing classes are getting under way now with our Classroom Assistant, Fatou Nyassi, continuing to help run the class since our full time Teacher isn't available to return after the summer. We hope to support Fatou to continue in this role.


  In our N3 Nursery Class, the children are having a singing lesson today.

Week ending 27th September

This week our new school year has started. We've been registering the new entrants the previous week and it's great to see that places are in great demand as usual. Our first 2 school assemblies are pictured here; one of Lower Basic and one of Nursery.


Ruth McMeechan, one of our helpers, usually supports the local staff at this time and we are delighted that Ruth has come back to help us again as we start the school up again after the summer break. Ruth has helped with sorting out text book inventories and old book replacement planning.

Ruth is also helping Sirrah Sambou, a Skills Training Year 3 student whom she is sponsoring for her final education year. Ruth and Sirrah are pictured here.
Thanks for all your help Ruth.



Attendees at GETS annual AGM held in Dunton Green, near Sevenoaks on 31st August 2019. Our supporters cover a wide area of the UK (as well as a few from Europe) so we try to hold these meetings each year in different parts of the UK  in order to give the variety of supporters a chance to attend the meetings.